siRNA Transfection

siRNA Transfection – Protocols, techniques, methods, in vivo transfection

Welcome to siRNA transfection resource. In biomedical applications, this process of RNA interference has encouraged researchers to study ways in which this process can be utilized to shut down or effectively incapacitate a defective or non-wanted gene’s ability to replicate. These studies focus on conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Research is underway by academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies around the world to utilize the testing of RNAi-based functions and RNAi therapies to treat conditions such as viral infections and cancer.

Small interfering RNA, more commonly known as siRNA, belong to a class of double-stranded RNA molecules, known as silencing RNA. Commonly studied and analyzed in the field of molecular biology, siRNA defines a mechanism of cellular replication (or inhibition) that has been greatly utilized in research of antiviral defense mechanisms. siRNA is vastly utilized in molecular genetics as a research tool in RNAi technologies and studies. Transfection techniques and reagents are utilized for laboratory experimental testing of novel RNAi therapeutics.

Here you will find information about RNA Interference (RNAi) and small interferring RNA (siRNA) – mechanism of action, experimental transfection protocols, siRNA transfection basics, pre-optimized transfection reagents and commercial siRNA services, stable transfection of shRNA-expressing plasmids, microRNA, in vivo delivery technologies, high-throughput RNAi screens, preclinical RNAi CRO labs, commercial western blot services, and other topics.

Several RNAi laboratories (such as Altogen Labs) provide a number of siRNA laboratory services and products in RNAi application research, as well as in the development of new treatments and therapeutic drugs, vectors, creation of stable RNAi cell lines, siRNA transfection reagents, and in vivo products for siRNA tissue targeted delivery (read more about commercially available in vivo siRNA transfection products). When it comes to scientific research in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the number of commercially available RNAi laboratory services around the world has expanded, increasing not only new discoveries in RNAi applications, but in research capable of targeting specific drugs and pharmaceuticals that may soon be utilized in clinical testing scenarios on humans.

Standard siRNA transfection CRO laboratory services:

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Generation of Stably Expressing RNAi Cell Lines in 28 Days

siRNA Delivery – In Vivo Transfection Kits from Altogen Biosystems

GLP-compliant siRNA in vivo toxicology and Pharm/Tox services

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